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October 20, 2011
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AC-D: Vicente Cavallero by firstfarewell AC-D: Vicente Cavallero by firstfarewell

TEMPLARS FTW :iconsuperw00tplz:

**note to self, update actual sheet above OTL**

◊ Name: Višente Cavallero (variation of his name= Vinšente; either one works haah~)
◊ Age: 19
◊ Gender: Male
◊ Height: 5'10"
◊ Birthplace: Spain
◊ Occupation:
◊ Rank: Sergente (Seargant)
◊ Stats: HP 7 | STR 11 | DEX 1 | DEF 7 | SPD 4

◊ Likes: the outdoors, animals (especially horses), 'equality', drawing, simplicity.
◊ Dislikes: being cooped up indoors for too long, strict schedules and plans, formalities, injustice, complications, alcohol.

◊ Personality:
[-] Optimistic (sometimes to a point where itĺs just stupid), determined, passionate, hardworking, calm, gentle.
[-] an idealist/dreamer, uncertain and indecisive, often too soft-hearted, soft-spoken.

-For the most part, Višente is undeterred by adverse events or accidents - appearing calm and cheerful in most situations. (even when it's painfully obvious that the situation is beyond recoverable.)

-Being brought up by his father (a man with few kind words) has left Višente to be indecisive and unsure of his own abilities ľ he has more of a serving nature, and is slightly uncomfortable when given the freedom to chose.

-naturally a pacifist - he tries to negotiate things and avoid unnecessary conflict.

- Višente will often force himself try to give people the benefit of the doubt. But he has limits and will retaliate with seemingly uncharacteristic violence and force (venting all that bottled up anger and frustration)


◊ Biography:
Višente was the only child, growing up on a farm on the outskirts of Barcelona. His entire childhood revolved around farm-work, animal husbandry and helping with the family livelihood. His parents were both religious: building their family morals on the teachings of the Church. He was raised to be hard-working, honest and fair.

From a young age, Višente observed the corruption of the social elite: abusing power and acting in self-interest with no regard to the suffering of others as consequences of their actions. Throughout his teens, he silently cursed the elite, knowing that the tax burden was mainly falling upon those of lower class.

At the age of 17, Višente set out to look for other odd jobsľ knowing that his father was too proud to admit they were struggling. In the heart of the city, he got into a dispute with a man of higher class. To Višente's surprise, a middle aged man clad in armor intervened, settling the dispute by aiding Višente.

The man seemed to understand Višenteĺs viewpoint on society, telling him quietly that there was an organisation that knew of the corruption and aimed to change the entire world. It was through this man that Višente learnt of the Knights Templar ľ and their aim to create a perfect world.

Višente made the decision to leave Spain, viewing this as an opportunity to finally make a difference. He told his parents he was becoming a soldier as the monetary benefits were higher, but did not mention his true intent to join the Templars.


◊ Equipment: Training weapons
◊ Storage: None

◊ Current Florins: I need to confirm this OTL
:bulletblack: 14(?)
:bulletblack: 10(?)
:bulletblack: 6(?)
:bulletblack: 98

◊ Total Florins: 128f (?)


◊ Other:
- Skilled at handling horses (taught by his grandfather, who was a fine horseman), and is extremely trusting of them. considered to be slightly mad as he's seen talking to them at times

-Not as religious as his parents, but keeps a cross for his mother's peace of mind.

- left arm is a tad weaker than his right, a result of a horse riding accident when he was younger.

He has a horse named Pinky that accompanies him.

◊ Relationships/people he's met:
(to be updated when I remember. OTL)
:bulletred: Gladys - Višente has known Gladys since the beginning when he joined the templar order; he considers her to be a close friend and feels he can relate to her easily. Višente always has concerns regarding her reckless fighting behaviour, but often does not express them - instead he will watch her back when he can, prepared to jump in if she needs assistance.

:bulletred: Felice - Višente is indebted to Felice after the doctor stepped in to help him when a gang of thieves hunted him down for crossing them. He holds the doctor in high regard, and takes whatever advice Felice has to give. He has promised to protect the doctor with the best of his ability.

:bulletred: Maestro Lupo
:bulletred: Dante
:bulletred: Andrea
:bulletred: Raven
:bulletred: Anna

EDIT: okay that shoulder guard his left is annoying me, it makes no sense really. the sash should go over it pffft lasjlasja I'll have to change it later XD;
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Mayhjeen Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014
Although I prefer assasins he seems cool , also where is this role play everyone speaks off 
Samantai Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2011
Templars FTW indeed! :iconhigh5plz:
firstfarewell Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Shintari Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2011  Student General Artist
/just going to continue here, because too lazy to look for the other comment XD

Vicente: ........It's okay, we can just talk anyway? We dont need to walk around outside...haha---*anddd now he cant see* ?!---Ahhh senorita, I still need to see! Otherwise we might end up in more trouble. *stops walking so he doesn run into anything fff*

Andrea: B-But... you're making that worried face... Q _ Q ... I don't want you to look worried... If I take off my hands, will you stop being worried? No..... *sighed* .... If I don't hide your eyes, I'll have to do something else.

Vicente: Ah...i'll try. I will be more worried if I can't see, believe me, haha. :"> You have to promise me that you'll agree to rest and take it easy? Otherwise I dont think I can stop looking worried...

Andrea: B-But I don't need rest. I'll get enough rest when I sleep tonight... *sighed* ... Talking about sleep... I think I need a bed... *slowly pulled her hands away from his face, looking worried herself* Ë^Ď ........ I want you to smile... b-but sincerely, si?
firstfarewell Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
(erkk sorry for the late reply, been trying to finish art haha..OTL. I hope you have (or had? XD) a lovely christmas day!)

Vicente: You need a bed? *blinks* W-wait, where have you been sleeping? O_O"" ..A-ah....I will, I promise. :">
Shintari Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2011  Student General Artist
(it's okay ;v; I had a nice Christmas <3
Andrea not so OTL she got told Vince is a Templar and got all worried ffff )

Andrea: *laughed awkwardly, scratching the back of her head* Weeeeelll... depeeendsss..... Sometimes at my mother's... though she isn't my real mother, I just call her that, and sometimes at my friend's places... But right now I can't go to my friend's and my mother.... I don't want to bother her right now. She's having a bit of a tough time. So, usually I sleep some random places. Like haystacks... or rooftops... Depends a little on the weather, hahaha. ^^;
firstfarewell Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
(............that's good! ;3; <333

..THAT'S NOT SO GOOD XDDD UHHHH ...FFFFFF now what? haha O_o Vince won't know she's an assassin unless she says so, or someone tells him. )

Vicente: ...Ah...but she is someone who takes care of you, si? ...staying at friends' places works well...*pauses* haystacks? *lol, brief thought about assassins, before he shakes it off* long as you stay safe, I suppose that's alright. But a bed would be wouldn't be as hard on your back. *thinking thinking*
Shintari Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2011  Student General Artist
(yeah ;v;
and I mean Raven, fff, Raven told her that Vince is one, and told her to not tell him that pup is an assassin, and that she shouldn't tell anybody about Vince either ffff
You'll see her reaction when they meet in Constantinople =v=/ )

Andrea: *nods a little* She's taken care of me for a couple of years now... *smiled a little* And si, haystacks. Or stacks of flowers... they are incredibly comfortable! And in winter they're even warm, haha. ^^; But, I agree... beds are better then solid ground... However, I can sleep pretty much anywhere. I like to sleep in trees as well~ Trees are nice. <3 ..... OwO *just realizing that she's still being held by him* ............ Are you... going to put me down at some point?
firstfarewell Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
(...Ohhh!...THAT MAKES MORE SENSE :"DD for a second I thought he was going to die already OTL ;3; )

Vicente: What a kind woman...^^ Ah, I can relate to beds of flowers...:"> they are quite comfortable. Trees? Er...are you planning to sleep in a tree today? ^^; *blinks* H-huh? O-oh! Sorry! Err...*puts her down gently*
Shintari Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2011  Student General Artist
(pup would never kill kitten ;_; and she'd take the bullet for him OTL
Raven asked her what she would do if another assassin would attempt to kill him FFFF and yeah, she said she'd take the bullet for him ;v; )

Andrea: *nodded* Very kind. *chuckled* Ah, perhaps, I will... Who knows. I haven't decided yet. ËvO *finally standing on her own feet again* Hhmm... I think I liked it better when you carried me. *laughs*
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